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Koe (声)

The Japanese-learning RPG

Koe (声) is our project to create an RPG that introduces the player to the Japanese language.

Koe (声) combines traditional RPG gameplay with communicative language learning techniques to bring you a truly unique and rewarding gaming, language and story experience.

Koe (声)

Learn Japanese at school and with your friends in your new exchange town of Sakurachou. Take lessons from your teacher, the knowledge you gain becomes your arsenal in the world of Koe (声)!

How it works

Koe (声) uses research based on communicative language learning and related language acquisition and retainment techniques as its core game design principal. However, we've put the focus on making Koe (声) a game rather than another edutainment-style application. Koe (声) is a full RPG at its core.

In Koe (声), your words become your weapon, shield, magic and power. Use these to battle your way through the many dungeons, caves and cities that exist through the shrine in your homestay town of Sakurachou.

Enter the world of Koe (声) with your newly acquired words and convert them into moves with your trusty hand fan, Konose. Some of the words cause damage, whereas others will heal you or increase your stats. You may know the word, but strategy is still important!

With 187+ move words (and counting), along with 1000+ total dictionary words, natively pronounced with stroke order animations, Koe (声) aims to offer an extensive vocabulary and language retention system.

Set between two worlds, Koe (声) offers a rich and vibrant story. Join princess Fleur as she travels her world and yours, to uncover the mystery of the crystals and find her sister.


Koe (声) is currently in Alpha demo phase. Our release schedule is based on a system where we gather feedback from players with each new build, make changes, and open up a new part of the world in each subsequent Alpha release.

We decided this would be the best way to release Koe (声) due to the overwhelming experimental nature of our project.


Buy Koe (声)

Koe (声) is made possible by over 4000 backers that pledged their support to the project back in 2014. Since then, we've provided constant updates and various releases of the project to our backers. Recently, we released the closed playable alpha through Steam and Humble Store.

While the final version of Koe (声) is not yet completed, we are releasing our project using the system mentioned in the development heading above. Below is our offering to anyone genuinely wishing to support the project the ability to late 'back' the project through the Humble Store.

We appreciate the interest our community has shown to supporting the project and recommend that anyone who simply wants to play the final game should add Koe (声) to their wishlist on Steam. You will be able to purchase the final game through Steam once it is released.

If you believe in our project and wish to contribute and support the future development of Koe (声), please select a support tier below and you will receive the current Alpha build along with all future builds, including the final game on release. Each widget has a button to show what else is included with that tier.

You may want to read the late backing FAQ before pledging.

Thank you for your support.

The limited physical edition exists so that we can give something truly spectacular back to those pledging their support and generosity to the development of Koe (声).
You will be asked for your shipping address on release.

Any questions? Please contact us!

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