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Thank for your interest in our project! We're happy that you're interested in supporting the development of Koe (声). Below are a few questions we've received. We'll update it regularly when we receive any new questions.

Q: Do I receive the same benefits as the Kickstarter tier if I back the project now?

A: Yes! We no longer have a "Kickstarter-exclusive" version of the game as cutting down the final game wasn't an option, we have found different ways to reward our Kickstarter backers that won't affect the final playable version of Koe. You'll receive the Alpha now and the full final game on release for your pledge.

Q: Why are the late backing tiers more expensive than the Kickstarter tiers?

A: The Kickstarter was in British Pounds (£) whereas the current way of backing the project is in US Dollars ($). As the exchange rate favoured the dollar at the time, it may seem like the tiers cost slightly more than the Kickstarter tiers. The tier pricing is still a little more than the Kickstarter pricing, but we didn't want anyone who pledged their support to us during the Kickstarter to feel like they're worth less now, especially considering they took a bigger risk backing our project.

Q: How will my money be used if I pledge my support to Koe?

A: We'll add more cats to the game.

Real A: Your support would allow us to polish the art, add more words to the game and increase the level of vocabulary learned. While we believe the final game world is already a good size, we plan on using any extra funding to expand the Japan-inspired parts of Koe.

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